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Dutch Crystal Methamphetamine is a synthetic drug derived from amphetamine, which is a naturally occurring chemical. Amphetamines were first synthesized in Germany in 1912, and have been used since to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), in the mid-1990s, methamphetamine was introduced to the United States by Mexican cartels. Today, meth is being sold under various street names including crystal meth, ice, glass, bomb, crank, white power, speed, and red devils

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13 reviews for Buy Dutch Crystal Methamphetamine US

  1. cipit 88

    got it , thanks for trusting in me


      thanks man

  2. cipit88

    Bro the ice is good, my gf love it so much


      thanks for the review

  3. metatrader

    please tell customer service to respond to my message i need ice asap



  4. joker 388

    i thought i could only get ice from dark web but i’m amazed how it was actually delivered on time.

  5. Reddit

    bro the ice was good, i dint know i could get it in UK that was fast nice service

  6. Umah

    I’m In love with the quality of your ice. Please try to make the delivery faster I did received it this morning. Good packaging


      sorry sometimes the delivery guys be taking forever but i got you next time


        sorry about the delay i will work on that


      Ok , thanks for the update

  7. Gaza

    I never thought I will one-day get a good plug bro I appreciate the honesty. Discreet packaging I love it


      thanks for the review, we are always here for you

  8. Kay

    I received the package in Uk 🇬🇧 without no hassle from the law nice 😊

    • (verified owner)

      Thanks much appreciate

  9. GG

    The price is not bad thanks much

  10. Elentra

    giving it a try im impressed guys , thanks

    • (verified owner)

      hey thanks much

  11. Kali

    Hey , blackaze you guys are the best im high cant even talk much lol

    • (verified owner)

      hahah, ok thanks

  12. Usman

    still wondering how it got here in my country but thanks

    • (verified owner)

      thanks much

  13. Unknown

    Thanks so much another perfect delivery good stuffs

    • (verified owner)

      Welcome , Appreciate

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